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Why Your Small Business Should Consider Managed IT Solutions

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

When you run a small business, you rely on technology at least as much as the big guys. But since you don’t have the staff or the budget of the big guys, it’s easy for your IT needs to outpace your ability to address them adequately in-house. When that happens (or better yet, before it happens), you should think about turning to a managed IT solution to keep your business’s technology platforms running smoothly.

Avoid Dreaded Downtime

The biggest thing that a small business is trying to avoid when they choose to go with a managed IT services provider is downtime. When your internal systems are down, productivity suffers. When your website or other consumer interface is down, sales and/or customer satisfaction suffers. Either way, you’re losing money.

Take Care of Routine Upkeep

Expanding your IT department to ensure that all the necessary precautions are taken to avoid downtime isn’t necessarily feasible in a small business. Nor is allocating all your IT resources to the routine maintenance that is required to keep your technology up and running. You want the server backups, software patches, security protocols, and real-time monitoring to happen seamlessly in the background so that your on-site IT staff is free for more valuable projects—things that will build revenue, rather than just maintain a status quo.

Supplement Your In-House IT Team

Instead, the solution is to integrate managed IT services with your in-house IT department. Rarely, if ever, will a managed IT solution entirely replace a company’s IT department; a managed IT service provider is there to support a company’s internal team. At Equilibrium IT Solutions, Inc. we’re there to provide any support you need, from 24x7 systems monitoring to our flat-rate all-inclusive managed IT services. We’re also there to help you plan your IT strategy and offer risk assessment and management. The most important thing is providing the services that you require.

Protect Your Data, Protect Your Customers’ Data

A common concern for businesses considering managed IT services is the security of valuable information in the hands of another company. However, managed IT service providers like Equilibrium IT Solutions are there to help you keep that data secure. We are up-to-date on all privacy legislation, including HIPAA. We can help you become compliant the PCI Data Security Standard regulations and will help protect your organization from security breaches. The security of your proprietary information and your customers’ personal data is a top priority.

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