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Webinar Tips

Webinars are becoming a tool of the future.

You can lead an audience through a thought process in real time; they won’t zone out and stop reading your article.

Advancements have made these virtual seminars more interactive for both parties involved. Best of all, you don’t have to travel (especially in the winter), when you have the luxury of staying at home on your laptop. Think of all of the extra work you can get done in the time you are saving from driving to and from a lunch and learn. Granted you may not get fed, and who doesn’t love free food, but you have access to webinars across the country. You’re not just limited to your city, which benefits people who don’t work near or in larger cities. Below are some tips to keep in mind when you plan and execute a webinar.

Webinars are a great way to promote your own company and find more leads. However, if someone is trying to register and sees many available time slots, they may be more likely to push off registering because there is such a variety of availability. To combat this, have multiple dates available, but don’t advertise them in your marketing campaigns or on your website until closer to the actual date of the webinar.

Another benefit about webinars is the interaction. The presenter is like a teacher in the sense that he or she has to keep his audience (classroom) engaged in the topic. Most platforms allow you to have interaction between attendees, which makes the conversation more open. This is most beneficial if you have your own customers in the presentation. If you have new people or strangers, you may not want to keep comments on because they could be unpredictable. Having the ability to do this also allows the audience to ask questions, which can be responded to with links that will give a further explanation to an idea or concept.

After the webinar your audience has the capability, if you so choose, to re-listen to your webinar. No lunch and learn gives you that experience after the presentation is over. They can share these posted webinars from the past with their co-workers or friends, which may help your following grow. This is a great way to grow your client base. You can also ask your clients to write something about the service they have experienced with you, in hopes of gaining more clients in future webinars.

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