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Top Benefits of Vulnerability Scanning in Chicago

If you have ever had a security breach in your company's network you may already realize the importance of vulnerability testing, vulnerability assessments, network scans and security scans. No matter the name you call it, these testing procedures are necessary to ensure your critical information and processes remain secure.

A vulnerability scan is also required quarterly for Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. The benefits of these testing protocols are substantial as explained below.

Nature of Vulnerability Scanning

As businesses rely more and more on cloud and network information exchange and digital payment processing they become more prone to hacker attack. Even small and medium businesses have become targets for large organized crime units with sophisticated teams. This is simply because SMBs have become easy targets in comparison to their larger conterparts. When security protocols for PCI DSS are not followed or standard security implementations are forgotten, these organizations can take full advantage of your lax security.

Vulnerability scanning provides an opportunity for you to get ahead of the problem. Even if you realize your security needs upgrading, a vulnerability scan can often reveal just how much potential damage could be caused if you were attacked today. With that information in hand, making the decision for consistent network and security scans is easy. If you conduct these scans at least quarterly, but preferably monthly or weekly for larger networks you can close loopholes, open Wi-Fi access points, poor password management issues and software and hardware vulnerabilities before an attack.

Associated Benefits of Monthly Scans

Creating a culture of security can be difficult to implement, but by being proactive you will see many benefits of a monthly vulnerability scan.

Increased Awareness

One way to increase security consciousness at your business is to raise the specter of review and assessment often. When employees realize their systems will be monitored on an ongoing basis, they will buy-in to security protocols much faster.

System Assessment Results

A monthly scan can often uncover unknown problems or issues outside of a security concern. Vulnerability scanning can often slow down your network system. However, if a simple scan can slow your network, imagine what a real attack could do? These scans provide snapshots at how to improve your overall network security, network speed and hardware gaps.


These scans, done by credentialed ethical hacking experts with a host of tools provide a dual convenience for businesses. Your IT staff most often is not able to complete every IT service needed. By having an outside consultant firm provide your scans, it lessens the responsibility of your IT staff allowing them to focus on more revenue critical issues but it also provides a check against your network security by an outside party.

An outside professional can often perform much better vulnerability testing as well. Consider vulnerability testing somewhat like anti-virus software, the ability to test for vulnerabilities is only as good as the tools that are used. A professional firm with up to date scanning software and technology will be a lot better at testing your network than a simple in-house scan.

Being able to schedule these scans for non-peak hours provides another convenience.

Provides Actionable Insight

A true vulnerability scan can provide insight into your system that your own IT staff or your IT consulting partner will be able to immediately take action on. This provides a way to continually increase security with a consistent budget.

Meet PCI Compliance

If your business processes, stores or transmits credit or payment card (PCI) data, these scans are mandatory on at least a quarterly basis. Being able to meet this regulatory requirement and gain benefits beyond that simple requirement enables efficiency in expenses.

The benefits of vulnerability scanning for Chicago businesses are many, and they are a smart way to protect your network and business critical information against hackers.

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