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The Value of an Experienced Security Consulting Partner

As a SMB or mid-market in the Chicago area, looking for a quality security consulting firm can be a challenge. You need to understand just how much "security" you need and how to choose the best security consulting firm.

Security consultants are represented by a wide array of talent, certification and experience. Understanding how they can help you and what you should look for is just as important as how their approach fits into your budget.

Security Needs

SMBs and mid-markets will have varying security needs and traditionally a smaller per capita budget then an enterprise. However, not hiring a security consulting firm will end up costing you more in the long run. On average, companies lose over 2% of their annual revenue due to security related incidents. For example, a incident such as cleaning up a virus infection would cost upwards of $1000 in support costs for one instance. If you are not properly prepared to handle your data and network security through a professional security consultant firm, you are likely setting up your company for a significant loss.

Security consulting firms in Chicago help SMBs and mid-markets in a number of areas of a business, not just data security. They also help implement processes that help improve the security of the entire company from physical security gaps to closing network security vulnerabilities that leave a company open to hacker attacks.

Common Security Failures

There are many security failures that fail to address security. This includes simply not having a professional technical support option to fix issues as soon as they arise or not addressing illegal software installations. A security consulting firm can help you uncover these potential issues and help implement security measures that avoid the potential larger concerns of lawsuits, data breaches and internal and external security threats.

Many SMBs and mid-markets simply do not have a comprehensive strategy to deal with the multitude of security issues that face them in today's world. This includes completing proper background checks on employees and having a proper data backup and disaster recovery plan in place. These precautions will ensure revenue still flows during a catastrophic event. From spyware and malware to virus exposure and unsolicited email, security threats can come from any number of areas. Without an experienced security consulting firm on call, many businesses do not have visibility to their critical risks.

Choosing the Right Firm

Gaining visibility to your risks is key. Realizing that not addressing your security concerns in the long term will have serious negative effects on your business is the first step. The next is hiring a security consulting firm in Chicago that can meet all your security needs in a timely manner that also has your budgetary concerns in mind.

Find a Firm

Finding a firm that can handle all aspects of your business is the primary concern. Understanding that NO ONE person is an expert at all aspects of security dictates that you consider a firm with a team of certified and experienced experts.

Look for Broad Expertise

Expertise and reputation generally go hand in hand. If a company has a good reputation, it's generally because they have the expertise to handle all the security issues that they get handled and do it effectively. Expertise does not always mean certificates and education, although they can be a good starting point. Expertise means years of experience in certain field. For example, consider the security team that runs our Security Assessments.

Flexible and Cost-Conscious

Finally, you need a security consulting firm that is flexible enough to support your business model. You are still the head of your company, just because you want to outsource security and IT in order to save money and become better protected does not mean you hand over the vision of your company. Find a firm that can meet your objectives and are flexible enough to scale up or down when you need it. Of course, the most important to most owners is a firm that can meet your budget; just make sure you are not trading budget for poor security.

You need to secure your business with a security consulting firm that can meet your needs to protect you from an even larger financial catastrophe that can be caused by a wide array of potential security issues.

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