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The Important Role Security Plays in a Merger & Acquisition

Mergers and Acquisition Security

When a company goes through a merger or acquisition, employers and employees spend their time trying to figure out the new regime. During the transition, there are a few aspects that tend to fall by the wayside. One of them being the security of the company. Why is security important during a merger?

When we say security, we are actually referring to the technical security of the company. While it is important that the physical aspect of the company is secured, it is vital to the company’s infrastructure that the IT by the wayside. We have listed the reasons below. Securing Your M&A Integrating two companies is not a project that can be done in a day. While the IT integration aspect should not be the factor that holds up your merger, it is one that needs to be carefully thought out. The technical security aspect of any modern company is one of the factors that keep the business running on a day to day basis. Each company has their own internal infrastructure that was built for their specific needs. And when you merge two companies together, each will have their own internal IT security measures but once a merger happens, an entirely new company has been created.

It is time to reassess and find the aspects that will work best for this new company. For instance, creating new emails for the acquired company and their employees along with log-ins for any database they need access to. This ensures that the company’s information remains secure and so does your employee's information.

Security is also important for the transferring of assets and services from one company to the other. During a transfer, new risk assessments must be made to ensure that all security measured are covered as well. Merger and Acquisition IT Consulting Creating a new IT system has a lot of ins and outs especially when it comes to a merger.

If you would rather focus your attention on the other aspects of your company then look to a professional that can help you. At Equilibrium IT Solutions, Inc. we provide IT project consulting for your business. For more information, contact us at 773.205.0200

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