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Modernize your Mobile Device Management

The BYOD debate is becoming old hat for many mid-market organizations. Some mid-markets have defaulted to allowing their employees to 'Bring Your Own Device' and have accepted some risks.

Technically, BYOD saves the company money up front. However, do not be fooled, you may spend that savings on some sort of MDM or Mobile Application Management (MAM) software to protect your company. AirWatch and Office 365 both provide MDM options along with many other SaaS, Iaas and PaaS services.

Personal Devices

No matter how you approach the issue, managing data and access on third-party devices can be a challenge if you do not have the right MDM platform. Imagine all the possible mobile devices that could be connecting to your company systems including smartphones, tablets and laptops. Any one of these devices are a potential gateway into your secure network.

This is why, the challenge for most Mid-Markets is just beginning as only 16% have instituted some sort of MDM policy. Other challenges with BYOD include ensuring your company is protected from malicious content through these devices. An MDM policy will help to get both employees, IT, executives and legal on the same page. An MDM policy will also help avoid employee lawsuits over lost personal data as a result of the user not expecting a personal data wipe.

Corporate Devices

Of course, not all Mid-Markets are defaulting to BYOD, so there needs to be a solution for corporate owned devices as well. CIOs of mid-markets may have already realized just how complicated this situation is. They need a solution that can cater to both sides of the debate. A proper platform with integrated MDM and MAM options can provide that solution.

AirWatch Brings a Feature Rich Solution to the Table

The solution may be easier than you realize especially if you are already using cloud solutions. This robust MDM and MAM solution, AirWatch (owned by VMware), eloquently provides a solution for this daunting task and potential security nightmare.

As a cloud solution, AirWatch does not require any other hardware requirements besides the devices to-be managed. There are a wide range of devices compatible with AirWatch including Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone and even Chomebooks.

AirWatch provides unprecedented management and security within the app eco-system for each platform. From delineating administrative policies for corporate apps and data usage to security protocols within each app, AirWatch gives the flexibility you need for MDM while still providing an excellent platform to manage and prevent data leakages.

The AirWatch platform also allows scalability. This enables even the smallest SMBs or growing mid-markets to leverage an enterprise solution with the same or similar features that were previously afforded only by big IT budgets. You simply pay for the number of users, allowing you to scale up and down as needed to meet your demand. By paying per user instead of device, your employees can feel free to move across their range of devices without incurring the company extra fees. The costs are spread out on an annual basis to avoid large capital expenses (CapEx).

Flexibility of Design

When looking for a MDM or MAM solution, ensure that you get the same flexibility that is present in AirWatch. From ensuring security on any mobile device to allowing access across a range of users with various permission levels, you will need a solution that not only meets your needs today, but also in the future. AirWatch is the largest global MDM provider and a "Leader" in the Gartner Enterprise Mobility Management magic quadrant for 2015.

Any cloud solution should provide options for you to establish your own access policies including limits, restrictions and app access settings. Tracking usage data is also important. Your MDM solution should supply reporting in a convenient format. for example, AirWatch includes reporting functions that deliver the statistics you need as a PDF, Excel or text file.

An MDM program needs to meet your needs now and in the future. It needs to be a secure platform flexible enough to allow users access but not force users to work around the security measures.

Mobile Device Policy

Equilibrium has found that the technology within AirWatch meets the requirements of must mid-markets, but the written mobile device policy (IT governance) phase may even be more important during an MDM deployment project. This ensures all users and staff are on the same page and ensures a smooth roll out.

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