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Equilibrium IT Solutions Partner: Microsoft

The goal at Equilibrium IT Solutions, Inc. is to help businesses, small or large, by providing them with comprehensive IT (Information Technology) solutions. To help solve our client’s IT problems, Equilibrium IT Solutions, Inc. must be vendor neutral, so that we are not limiting the solution options available to our clients.

At Equilibrium IT Solutions, Inc. we work closely with our clients, formulating specific time and budgetary expectations. For each client we assist, we utilize our unique IT solution methodology and offer specific technical project management.

Our staff, which consists of highly trained consultants, architects, technical project managers and system engineers) provides our clients with end-to-end integrated business solutions.

To achieve these solutions Equilibrium IT Solutions, Inc. utilizes various partners to provide specific products or services to solve their problem(s). One of our partners is Microsoft, a staple in IT software and products.

Why choose Microsoft Products?

As one of the most well-known IT companies, Microsoft has been creating products and software that have been widely used in small or large businesses alike, like Microsoft Office. As an industry leader, Microsoft is constantly updating their software for their customers.

Microsoft Products and Services:

Windows Products – Microsoft has many programs that can assist your business. Whether it’s a more basic program such as Windows Media Player, or if you want to upgrade your system(s) to Windows 10, Microsoft has what you need.

Microsoft Office – One of Microsoft’s most valuable and useful tools for a business of any size. Microsoft Office may include these applications:

-Microsoft Access

-Microsoft Excel

-Microsoft OneNote

-Microsoft Outlook

-Microsoft PowerPoint

-Microsoft Project

-Microsoft Publisher

-Microsoft Visio

-Microsoft Sway

-Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office has different versions to fit your needs, as it is available in a Home Version, Office Version, Mac Version, Mobile Version, and more.

Microsoft Devices – Microsoft has many handheld devices, phones, and other hardware that can greatly benefit a business.

Partnering Services – Outlook, Skype and Bing are all powered by Microsoft. Businesses can utilize these tools to help them run more efficiently.

Tools – Microsoft created the SQL Server that is a high preforming server with in-memory technologies and creates quick insights from any data collected from any user in applications like Excel. Other tools Microsoft can offer your business are Azure, Intune, SharePoint and countless other useful IT tools.

Connections – Microsoft can connect your business to find the appropriate training necessary, register for your IT certification, and provides customers access to Microsoft Developer Network where has tools and code samples to assist those trying to develop new applications.

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