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Equilibrium IT Solutions: Chicago’s Choice in Security Consulting

Security Consulting in Chicago

With all the data hacks happening, your business’ important information has never been more vulnerable. That is why security consulting is such a vital aspect of any organization nowadays. Equilibrium IT Solutions should be your first choice, when searching for a security consulting in the Chicago area.

At Equilibrium IT Solutions, we fully understand that keeping your information secure is harder than ever. Not protecting your organization in times like these, where headlines are constantly about a data breach or successful attempt at hacking of some kind, can leave your organization exposed.

Our security firm has over 100 years of combined information security experience, which we utilize to offer our clients a methodical approach to protecting your organization’s information. We not only have the ability to develop security programs to safeguard your organization from data attacks and security breaches, we are experts at doing so. Our process is to blend the business and technical experience we possess, in a way that should maximize the benefit to our clients.

Equilibrium’s Security Practice Methodology

The security practice methodologies that we employ are designed with a combination of the industry standard frameworks from industries such as: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Finance, and Federal. Our security program is a never-ending cycle, consisting of 4 different phases. The 4 phases of Equilibrium’s security methodology are security assessment, architect, implement and manage.

Phase 1 – Security Assessment - Since we work closely with our client, we are able to provide them reliable insight about their organization’s security status and vulnerability. This is where Equilibrium’s security team analyzes an organization’s security with a vulnerability scan. We do this in order to devise a high-level road map for what your organization needs to do to ensure its safety, including recommendations on how to carry that out.

Phase 2 – Architect – This is the phase where Equilibrium and our client decide on a strategy together on how to minimize the organization’s vulnerabilities. We will craft policies and procedures, create a control framework and designed specific solutions for your organization. We can do this only after we have fully accessed your organization’s needs and risk tolerance, as a result of our security assessment.

Phase 3 – Implement – In this phase, we put the policies and procedures from Phase 2 into effect. Any upgrading of infrastructure or controls is completed during this phase. Every client is assigned a PMO or Project Management Office, whose job is to oversee that projects are completed according to schedule, are being completed within the budget, and to assure that his or her projects are high quality.

Phase 4 – Manage – After discovering our client’s specific requirements, a management and security support plan is enacted for our client. Equilibrium’s SOC or Security Operations Center, is vigilantly watching over our client’s alerts with their incident response plan in mind.  This phase utilizes Network Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning, to assist our clients in validating their controls and maintaining compliance.

PCI Compliance in Chicago

Our security firm is here to help lessen the expense of hiring a QSA (Qualified Security Advisor) by providing an expert security team to help organizations comply with the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) regulations.

HIPAA Compliance in Chicago As more health organizations are becoming targets of data attacks, the US government responded by instituting the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPPA. Equilibrium’s specialized security team can guide your healthcare organization by highlighting and then managing its risk.

The bottom line is, if you’re in Chicago then we can help your organization reduce the risk of a security breach.

If you would like to learn more about your Free Consultation and how to get started today, please call (733) 205-0200.

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