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4 Firewall Myths You Should Leave Behind

Firewalls protect your business network from harmful traffic, but threats can still bypass the firewall if you do not manage it correctly. Misconceptions about firewall management can leave your business vulnerable to security threats. Here are four firewall management myths that you should leave in your rear-view mirror to ensure adequate protection.

1. Firewalls protect against all threats. Firewalls protect against known threats, which means that any firewall is vulnerable to a new threat. Too many businesses think a firewall is a "set it and forget it" strategy that, once set up, needs no subsequent monitoring.

2. Firewalls prevent viruses. Viruses can bypass your firewall, infiltrate your computer, and even turn off your firewall. Therefore, it's essential to run an anti-virus program in addition to using a firewall.

3. Only the outside needs to be monitored. Too often, businesses forget to monitor internal threats, buying into the myth that only traffic outside the premises could be suspicious. A strong firewall management strategy should have a strategy in place to prevent internal computer crimes.

4. Firewalls offer full-premises protection. Even security specialists buy into the myth that a strong firewall offers total protection. Unfortunately, skilled users can create all manner of back doors to bypass the firewall. In some cases, employees may demand exceptions in order to connect with clients and colleagues. These exceptions and back doors leave the business vulnerable to threats and limit the firewall's efficacy.

Knowing these myths can help you to identify weaknesses in your firewall management strategy. Then you can take steps to better protect the business by making changes to your firewall management.

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