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We start with a treaty of sorts. How do we find common ground and get both organizations on the same page? We take two complex infrastructures and map out a single, unified and strategic IT plan that best serves the needs of the new, integrated organization.


It’s a critical role with difficult challenges that if not executed flawlessly, can impact performance and productivity. Our proven methodology ensures that fast-paced, complex, integrated IT systems are up and running quickly, in perfect synchronization.  EQ solutions help the new organization create cost savings, provide continuity, mitigate risk, overcome key issues, and help capitalize on significant opportunities.  By planning ahead for IT assessments allows for effective execution during both the integration or separation phases.


Most IT staff is busy focusing elsewhere and doesn’t have the time or expertise to make merger, acquisition or divestiture projects successful. That’s where we come in. Whether you’re on the buy or sell side, our consultants will work with your team to fill the gaps. Our proven methodology and PMO ensures that even the most complicated transactions are closed on time, synergies are captured and redundancies are removed. All while avoiding costly mistakes and minimizing TSA costs.

M&A IT Consulting

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Our Integration Methodology

When buying or selling it’s hard to determine whether the business is worth it. Our due diligence phase coupled with the Operational Maturity level will make you confident in your decision.

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  • Strategy, Process & Controls

  • Organization, Vendors & Contracts

  • Budgeting & Projects

  • Applications

  • Infrastructure

  • IT Integration/Separation Planning & Governance

  • IT Day 1 and Future-State Blue Printing

  • IT Synergy Analysis Planning

  • IT TSA Strategy & Planning

  • IT Integration/Separation Program Management

  • IT Blueprint Design Execution

  • IT Synergy Capture Tracking & Management

  • IT TSA Execution & Exit Management

Our Integrated Methodology Explained

The top question to answer during due diligence phase – Is the business worth selling/buying? Information Technology due diligence identifies risks of instability and opportunities to reduce costs while improving IT effectiveness. This is revealed by assessing several areas of the business.

To reach the future state effectively and efficiently an IT Program Management Office (PMO) will provide the necessary management of the overall integration and carve out activities, provides the day-to-day direction, drives the IT blueprint, work plan development and execution, common tools, templates, and playbooks for IT working teams to deliver and capture the identified synergies.

As IT integrations and separations are complex and resource-intensive alignment with the overall business plan needs to be in place in order to keep things running efficiently. The appropriate integration/separation model is critical and needs to align with the M&A strategy. Determination of the future state needs to address how IT will operate on Day 1 to keep the business running.







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