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For most businesses, IT experts on site are chiefly managing tactical issues — leaving little time for maintenance, monitoring and planning when it comes to nurturing a strategic, effective IT strategy. However, not every organization needs a full time CIO. Virtual CIOs and/or Part-Time CIOs as part of an IT Managed Services Agreement are becoming more and more popular as they allow businesses of any size to reap the benefits of this strategic position.

IT Strategy – Virtual CIO Solutions

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As a Virtual CIO, we also provide:

A Technology Roadmap

Having a CIO in your business ensures you always have someone looking forward in regards to technology. They can come up with goals and help implement plans for both immediate and future improvements.

IT Risk Management

Although every business should have a security plan and a disaster recovery plan as part of an overall technology risk management strategy, a CIO can make sure your plan stays up to date and is efficiently implemented if and when the time comes.

IT Management

A part-time EQ CIO can stay on top of all your IT projects and needs so you can focus on running the rest of your business.

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With years of IT experience, we are confident we can help you solve your IT problems by outsourcing the IT Administration of some or all areas of your computer network. Whether you’re looking to increase your security, move to the cloud, or leverage the experience of a virtual CIO, EQ can help.

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