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In order to customize our program for you, we will discuss with you the characteristics of your business, your computer systems, and your personnel. After that time, we will come to an understanding of your priorities, goals and requirements and can determine the best course of action for your business.
Our engagement begins with a discovery assessment of the technical health of your computer systems. We take the output of this IT analysis to generate budgets for both upfront IT project recommendations to stabilize your IT environment and an annual Managed Services Agreement (MSA). We tailor these solutions based on your unique business requirements and specify a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of IT Administration tasks to streamline technology and optimize operations that run your business.
From the IT project recommendations, the issues are then prioritized and scheduled for resolution. High priority issues typically include:
  • Fixing network problems that cause the system to be unreliable

  • Implementing backup and disaster recovery solutions

  • Identifying and correcting security threats

  • Instituting virus prevention and remediation

  • Refreshing technology to current standards

  • Conforming your software licenses

  • Developing systems documentation and operating procedures for daily system maintenance.

Ongoing Managed IT Services
Equilibrium can also become your trusted technology partner for outsourcing some or all of your IT Administration service needs. This allows you to reduce the burden on your IT staff, shorten your to-do list, and let your IT investment work for you. Each client is assigned dedicated resources and a customized pool of talented engineers with the most appropriate skill sets

IT on demand. EQ in command.

 We approach each consulting project like a critical mission responsible for the success of your organization. EQ becomes an integral part of your business whether deploying the most expansive, complex infrastructure consulting project or a simple IT upgrade. We make sure that everything not only runs smoothly, but we also prepare your business for take off.

Here’s how it works:




Our expertise + our experience = your full IT potential to the highest power.

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M&A Consulting

We start with a treaty of sorts. How do we find common ground and get both organizations on the same page? We take two complex infrastructures and map out a single, unified and strategic IT plan that best serves the needs of the new, integrated organization.


It’s a critical role with difficult challenges that if not executed flawlessly, can impact performance and productivity. Our proven methodology ensures that fast-paced, complex, integrated IT systems are up and running quickly, in perfect synchronization.  EQ solutions help the new organization create cost savings, provide continuity, mitigate risk, overcome key issues, and help capitalize on significant opportunities.

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EQ Network and Systems Infrastructure consulting and engineering services enable you to maximize just about everything, including your bottom line. Designing, modifying and strengthening IT infrastructures can be one of the most important and expensive investments your organization makes. EQ experts develop IT infrastructures that align with the demands of your organization. By thoroughly assessing your current IT infrastructure, architecting technical specifications, and planning for growth, we develop right-sized infrastructures to help not only meet business goals, but crush them. Our perfectly balanced methodology leads to sustainable, responsive, flexible, and manageable infrastructures capable of handling real-time business demands. EQ solutions maximize staff productivity while also minimizing costs – now that’s strength in numbers that really counts.

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Bring in the heavy artillery. With years of in-depth information security experience, we are the experts in building security programs and, most importantly protecting your organization.


Now more than ever, security risks are at an all time high. EQ’s methodological approach provides protection at all levels, at all times. This continuous cycle begins with an extensive assessment. And then, it goes on and on and on.

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Office Relocation

Be fully operational and productive right out of the box. EQ is equipped with IT experts that can methodically facilitate relocations and get your organization up and running immediately. So, you lose absolutely nothing in the move.







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