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Call in the specialists. EQ is staffed with the foremost experts in IT network infrastructure. We design IT infrastructure and systems to perform optimally, while also being agile enough to adapt to the changing needs of your organization.

Our network engineers and Cisco Certified Network Professionals are equipped with the expertise to design and build the most indestructible networks. We’re armed with a solutions-oriented approach that provides seamless, custom enterprise network services that are loaded with both brains and brawn.

IT Infrastructure

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Maximize Productivity, Minimize Costs

EQ's Network & Systems Infrastructure consulting and engineering services enable you to maximize your entire computing environment. EQ can help your organization create a sustainable and manageable infrastructure capable of handling real-time business demands.

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Infrastructure Solutions:

Proper planning is the best way to ensure success. EQ’s engineering methodology makes sure that business requirements align with technology requirements by properly assessing the current-state attributes, architecting the technical specifications, and project planning the milestones and resources. We’ve developed methodologies to address all of the following solutions and more. Click on a solution to learn more:







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