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Get on cloud nine.


A dedicated high-performance Private Cloud enables IT to quickly, safely and cost-effectively adjust to the changing needs of your organization. Add new services in an instant. Meet the demands of high utilization.  Dynamically respond to change. Support heavy-use, high-memory and high-storage input and output. All securely. It’s kind of like the super hero of Cloud services.



Microsoft Office 365 is the same Office you know and have come to love, and then some.

Office 365 provides office applications and related services to PC and Mac users, as well as mobile device users. Because the new Office is powered by the Cloud, your applications are always up to date and you can get to your work at anytime from virtually anywhere.

365 Benefits

  • Besides automatic upgrades, switching to Office 365 provides many other benefits as well:

  • Shared calendars keep everyone on the same page

  • Documents are shareable and still secure so you can remotely collaborate

  • You can easily host online meetings and share your screens

  • Mobile apps allow you to continue working on mobile devices

  • Security is constantly being improved and upgraded

If you need help developing a plan to smoothly and efficiently upgrade to 365, or you have questions about doing so, contact EQ today.