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While some companies employ in-house IT staff, smaller companies do not always find it necessary to have IT staff on full time. And occasionally, even in-house IT staff members are feeling overloaded or out of their comfort zone.

With flat rate services approach, our all-Inclusive IT Managed services from EQ will right size your budget, and spare you from hiring a full time employee.  You’ll get great service and the technical support you need.

Flat Rate IT

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24/7 Monitoring

Monitoring Made Simple

With EQ, you never have to worry about being in the dark.


We understand downtime is bad for your business, so we’re here for you to monitor your servers and websites 24/7. That way, if something does crash in the middle of the night, you won’t be scrambling around at 8am the next morning while customers wait just trying to figure out what’s wrong.

Full time monitoring not only alerts you about immediate IT issues, but it can also help you gain in-depth visibility into your systems with information such as CPU usage, memory and disk data and regular updates on other processes.

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Operate at full speed ahead. Go full throttle with a network infrastructure that is secure, up-to-date and operating efficiently. With managed network services, EQ can build, maintain or upgrade your network to keep your business accelerating now and into the future.

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We’re your IT application autopilot.  Application management can be both challenging and time-consuming. EQ will grab the wheel and handle all end-to-end Cloud and managed IT services for all of the highest performing applications.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

EQ offers best-in-class technologies to reliably archive critical data. Keep data safe without any hassle. Our EQ experts will conduct a Backup and Recovery Assessment to gauge the best products, and the best fit for your organization.

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Communication & Collaboration

Today, collaboration is critical. EQ offers flexible and customizable mobile, social and video solutions that ensure that applications and devices function flawlessly, in turn enabling maximum employee productivity. Our world-class collaboration solutions connect your organization to and from anywhere in the world.

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Database administration is extremely complex and resource intensive. The EQ experts have a wide depth of experience and knowledge to handle what is often times one of the most critical components of any application architecture. We can support extreme data volumes with our systematic approach to creating, retrieving, updating and managing data at optimal levels. With a managed database solution, you can devote less IT resources to routine maintenance and troubleshooting and concentrate on other things. Like numbers. Big profitable ones.

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End User Support

The office may shut down. But we don’t. EQ provides around the clock monitoring of servers and websites. Full time monitoring not only alerts you of any immediate IT issues, but it can also provide you with vital information on CPU usage, memory and disk data and regular updates on other processes. Our reliable and experienced IT experts are right people for the job, any day, every time.

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Security & Compliance

Our security practice brings more than a 100 years of combined information security experience. We are experts in helping our customers build their own security programs in order to protect their organization. We bring a blend of business and technical experience to every security project and maximize our client's investment. Security risks are at an all time high. Your organization needs a methodical approach to security as well as next-gen technology. It all starts with a free consultation with EQ's security team in Chicago.

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EQ will have your database functioning at optimum levels, allowing your organization to also function at optimum levels. Our experts install, configure, upgrade, administer, monitor, maintain, and secure database servers. We design, build and implement database servers that use the most advanced technologies like, SQL, Oracle, Pervasive, Progress, and MySQL.  We are also highly specialized in Microsoft SQL Database Administration (DBA).

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When your organization has unlimited, exponential access to data from multiple locations, in every time zone, you can be freed up to concentrate on other vital, or not so vital matters. Flexible EQ managed cloud storage solutions save money, protect your data and make it available at all times and from anywhere.

Free IT Managed Services Discovery

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Whether you’re a business of 50, 500 or 5,000 computer users, EQ can help.


With years of IT experience, we are confident we can help you solve your IT problems by outsourcing the IT Administration of some or all areas of your computer network. Whether you’re looking to increase your security, move to the cloud, or leverage the experience of a virtual CIO, EQ can help.

Give us a call today – (773) 205-0200 to learn more about how having us perform a Discovery Assessment of your business requirements and technology can right-size our IT Managed Service Agreements to your organization.







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