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Take full command of your organization’s success by enlisting a scalable, flexible and agile cloud based system. They’re a viable, cost-effective alternative to a traditional IT infrastructure. Our EQ team offers highly skilled support and guidance in customizing a cloud system that best conforms to the size, complexity and goals of your organization.


No cloud is exactly alike. Neither are workload demands. So, sometimes a hybrid solution that leverages both a private and public cloud approach works the best. EQ will assess your IT needs, and design a solution that provides maximum value in all cloud shapes, sizes and formations.




Make your data bulletproof. EQ offers best-in-class technologies to reliably archive critical data. Keep data safe without any hassle. Our EQ experts will conduct a Backup and Recovery Assessment to gauge the best products, and the best fit for your organization.


Disaster Recovery

It does happen. With an IT Disaster recovery plan in place, data will be replicated and backed up to ensure that information remains intact in the event of a disaster. EQ offers solutions to compress and encrypt your data for secure backup storage. And, by storing critical information in the Cloud, you will have safe and easy access to data through the Internet without any additional IT expenses. 


Assessment, Design and Migration

We’ll have your organization quickly and effortlessly flying among the clouds. EQ will conduct a full assessment that includes workload analysis, bandwidth analysis and end-user experience analysis. Our experts will lead your organization through the many different Cloud options and steer you in the right direction to the Cloud infrastructure that best suites your workloads.


From there, we design a comprehensive plan to reduce risk, delays and overall cost. Whether you’re migrating a single workload to a Cloud or your entire IT infrastructure, there will be no turbulence with EQ. Sit, back, relax and enjoy the ride.  



Enemy At 12 o’clock. Nowadays, there’s a constant threat of attack to critical data. Security is more complex. And, protecting your data in a Cloud is more important than ever. EQ experts have all the tools and Cloud security solutions to reduce your risk from infiltration or attack.

Hosted Private Cloud

Get on cloud nine. A dedicated high-performance Private Cloud enables IT to quickly, safely and cost-effectively adjust to the changing needs of your organization. Add new services in an instant. Meet the demands of high utilization. Dynamically respond to change. Support heavy-use, high-memory and high-storage input and output. All securely. It’s kind of like the super hero of Cloud services.

On-Premises Private Cloud

Leave nothing up in the air. Build and manage your very own internal Cloud and control and secure all information in your on-premise data center. The benefits of an EQ designed Cloud system are immense. Integrate with other Clouds, while also running existing in-house systems and applications. Rely on consistent and quality performance. Avoid and mitigate risk. Meet deadlines and budgets. When something is this amazing, you don’t have to share it with anyone.

Public Cloud

Change with the wind. Public Cloud solutions offer infinite scalability and reliability. They’re the best platform for younger or smaller organizations looking for an introductory Cloud option.  The potential for growth is limitless. The costs are minimal. Organizations can save on the expense of having to purchase, manage and maintain on-premise hardware. A public Cloud system can also be deployed faster, freeing up staff. They’re speedy, agile and always up for anything. We’ll make sure to use EQ proven methodologies to match the Cloud solution that best fits the requirements of your organization. Giving your organization the all clear to take off.

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Hybrid Cloud

A mix of Clouds. Many organizations benefit from the combination of both a hosted public Cloud and a private Cloud. The mixture of Cloud types provides on-demand, reliability of a public Cloud with the cost-effectiveness and scalability for surges in workloads with a public Cloud.


With so many complex and evolving technologies, only the veteran IT experts at EQ can properly assess, implement and migrate services quickly and flawlessly. We’ve got the expertise, the IT IQ, process, technology and project management skills to assure consistency, quality and unmatched performance.

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