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Successful businesses. Successful IT.

One can't advance without the other.

We've got IT from here.

We’re an elite team of IT consulting and managed services specialists. We’re on the frontlines with innovative,
custom IT solutions that streamline operations, boost employee productivity, and drive profitability.


What makes EQ different? For over 15 years we’ve approached each IT challenge in a totally unique way. We start by immersing ourselves in your organization and conducting a comprehensive assessment of your current IT infrastructure. From there we design multiple tiers of custom IT solutions at different levels of cost and complexity in order to find what best aligns with the goals of your organization.

Shipshape IT

EQ continuously polishes your IT system to keep it running smoothly. Our highly skilled service team stays up to speed with your demands so that your and your crew can remain purely focused on your strategic business initiatives. 

Special Ops Security

We bring in the forces and assess your current state and risk profile to build custom security programs that mitigate risk, protect you from future attacks, and plan for the unexpected.

Plan Then Command

We conduct the most comprehensive assessment of your organization with our client centric IT consulting services. We develop the most fitting plans that turn your strategic goals into success.

Equilibrium brings
the fantastic people, processes, procedures, and technology to
get the job done. 
No matter who is on the project, it's fantastic and done right.

Pete Szoke

IT Director, United Conveyor Corporation

Industries We Serve

EQ works across all industries to provide all our clients with world class IT professional services.

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Free in-house talent, increase operational efficiency, reduce risk and scalability with 24/7 support. 


Let us take IT from here. 

We're Up 24/7

Contact us to improve operations and increase performance.

Partners Powering Technology

Leveraging technology includes the latest hardware and software to achieve great results.

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